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This election is archived.

  • Renouvellement des membres du CA : 7 mandats de trois ans et 1 mandat d'un an.
    Dr Marc Bouvy49
    Dr Laurent Cervoni49
    Dr Dylan Cherrier49
    Dr Laurie Herviou53
    Dr Florence Ollivier47
    Dr Laure Tabouy47
    Dr Simon E.B. Thierry51
    Dr Ewa Zlotek-Zlotkiewicz49
Number of accepted ballots: 58
You can also download the result with cryptographic proofs.

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This election is administered by Augustin Parret-Fréaud <apf@crans.org>.
The voter list has 207 voter(s) and fingerprint 5XPuIlagIerZk05ipJLqj3OO6T2wWpC7L0STBHDEm3s.
All of the following trustees (verification keys) are needed to decrypt the result:
  • server (gJ4/bL1WpluS/dKBTL3CYUwEE16OKPLd248bYCzMVWI)
Credentials were generated and sent by Augustin Parret-Fréaud <apf@crans.org> and have fingerprint DIeZ/jUMsguLiE+25MsKHsjT5ZRLSCF7i2HHRkzhdtk.
The fingerprint of the encrypted tally is /89koVCRpvazGu9XYQAAyQHq19OxagJcDe5FlkWEjfY.